Hi, I'm Stan from Taiwan. (Though ppl always say that I'm Korean…) In 2006, our family moved to Shanghai, China because of my dad's work and I studied in an international school with all the courses conducted in English, I guess that's why I enjoyed making friends from different places. In the end of August, 2010, I came to Breda to continue my education in Avans Hogeschool studying in Environmental Science. Everything in the past was still like a few days ago but now things are totally different, I'm actually on the other side of the world(ppl here are soo ooo tall and they ride bicycles)…Yeah like most college freshman, it's not that easy to start it all over. I'm a young Christian, so before I have arrive the Netherlands I tried to find a church that has English sermons and I prayed that for quite a while. After things are settled, on Sunday the second week I went to the church where I met Monica (second year student in NHTV) we had a few short talks about the fellowships here. Later on we finally get to meet Solomon, IFES worker who supports the fellowship in Breda. We had couple discussions, and bible studies together with some others. "The Net" was mentioned, actually Monica is the person who has been working on this and now I'm glad that I could join them to do great things in God! As a foreign student in Breda, I truly felt that it is so good to be in a fellowship where we can just be ourselves and share whatever is going on in our daily life. You feel like it's your second home, friendly and warm! I can't wait to see more people joining us, I believe that we will have an amazing time and experience for our university life here in Breda!


Hi, my name is Monica and I am originally from Indonesia, I grew up in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. First days in Holland was amazing, it was like the "honeymoon" phase as they said. I started to travel around and just looking for new things so I did not miss my hometown at all. However, I realized that I am by myself in this country and my family is far away from me and I felt a little bit of culture shock here. Everything is so different and I had to learnt so many things. On my first days, I started to look for a church and a youth group. I found a Dutch – English church but it is kind of difficult to find a youth group right away. After a couple of days, I heard about IFES (International Christian organization) so I checked out their website and start sending emails. I still remember after Solomon answered my email, I was so happy that I could join them. Then, we had our meeting and I met the other students. I was surprisingly so comfortable and we can chat together and suddenly it feels like we have known each other before. It was so nice and now The Net Breda has its new members and they are new friends for me. We spent our time having fun together while we are serving God at the same time. It is so nice and I am grateful that I can be a part of The Net Breda. Maybe I am miles away from home and family, but do not feel that lonely because I found my second home and family here. I am open to have new family members so do not worry; you can join us anytime you want! Cheers!


Hey,I am Xihui Han From the City of Chongqing( in the southwest part of China). To be honest, I just started to know Jesus since June of 2010. At that time, I was influenced by an exchange student from Hongkong. She was born in a Christian family, and has been a youth Christian for years. She used to keep telling me dozens of stories about Jesus when I was not yet a believer, as time goes by, I recognized that the stories she has told me before were somehow stand for the truth I was seeking for. Since then, I chose to be a Christian like her. Though she is now back in Hongkong, I still kept in touch with her several times, and really grateful for her showing me the way to truth. Before she went back to Hongkong, she introduce me to Solomon, an IFES worker who supports the fellowship in Breda,- the Net. And I have met Monica、Stan and Elian ever since the October of 2010. That Hongkong girl has showed me how nice of being a Christian and how warm a fellowship could be. So I hope that through the effort we The Net has done, more youth people can have a chance as which I was be given to get closer to Jesus, and come to join us.